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“Dr Fok is one of the most dedicated teachers i have had. He puts his heart and soul into every lesson he gives, and will do his best to answer all of our queries and provide endless resources for our studies. He also leaves us with numerous life lessons which can help us in life in the future.”

– Jared (Dunman High School)

“Mr Fok is an experienced teacher who is always ready to answer his students' questions. He uses a variety of teaching methods during lessons, from going through case studies and essays to recapping topics and encouraging us to remember the concepts as he goes along. He also makes an effort to organise extra lessons before our examinations to ensure that we are better prepared. He never fails to mark and give feedback on the work we submit to him.”

– Shi Ying (River Valley High School)

“I enrolled in Mr Fok’s tuition class after getting a U for my econs halfway through JC1. I’m happy to say that he has played a big part in helping me get an A for A levels! He is good at explaining concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner that really helped me learn them quickly and well. Mr Fok is also a caring teacher and even offers to mark our assignments and practices for free in his own free time if we need feedback on our progress that our school teachers may not be able to provide. The resources he prints for us every week are also more than sufficient for our learning. He also tells a lot of stories about his life and imparts some life lessons to us, which makes his class more fun and enjoyable.”

– Sapphire Poh (National Junior College)

“In the beginning, I was dreading economics tuition as I was forced to go for tuition due to my bad grades for economics in school. However, after going for a few lessons, Mr Fok has managed to help me that the subject is easier than I thought it would be, by making step-by-step linkages for abstract economic concepts to make them very much easier to understand. Just by using his exam pointers and informative notes, I managed to salvage my econs results and somehow managed to get an A for the A-levels when I had been getting Us in my entire JC life.“

– Ignatius Tan (Catholic Junior College)

“I have always gotten a U for my economics since the start of J1. I never understood the subject. When I started attending Mr Fok's classes at the beginning of J2, I saw a significant improvement in my economics grade, from a U to a C in just one month. His method of teaching is easy to understand and he often repeats important concepts so we will not forget them. He will also mark our practices. Thanks to Mr Fok, I managed to achieve an A for economics. I highly recommend him to all my juniors struggling with the subject.”

– Trisha (Meridian Junior College)

“Mr Fok’s teaching style helped me better understand the underlying concepts in my syllabus. Moreover, Mr Fok goes one step further to clarify and correct any misconceptions during and after lessons. His use of materials and rigorous practices in reviewing and answering both CSQs and Essays with us during lessons helped me better apply the economic concepts we have learnt during exams. This method of teaching has immensely increased my confidence in the subject and boosted my grades by 30 marks in the span of a year.”

– Wong Zi Ling (Hwa Chong Institution)

“Mr Fok does not merely teach economics in his lessons. He brings the subject to life and piques our interest in it with his vivid stories and links to the real world. He does a commendable job of explaining concepts in a succinct and understandable manner, and links them thoroughly to exam questions. His pointers on exam techniques and criterion were also very useful in helping us to score well. His dedication to his teaching role and the welfare of his students, even outside of academics, is laudable. Highly recommended!”

– Ku (Raffles Institution)

“Mr fok allowed me to better understand econs through his real life experience and stories that allowed me to better relate to the concepts. With his help it made econs much easier to understand for me. The notes are concise and in-depth.”

– Lim Qi Jie (Yishun Innova Junior College)

“Mr Fok has provided great guidance in economics, a completely foreign subject when I first entered junior college. He has helped me gain a better understanding of the concepts taught and how to apply them in various situations. His lessons are also enjoyable, as he is able to impart life skills and tell us entertaining stories, taking away the monotony of a typical academic lesson or lecture. I believe his unique lesson style has helped me better understand and enjoy economics, rather than viewing it as simply another subject I have to study for. I am grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone hoping to better understand economics concepts while having fun.”

– Erika Kan (Hwa Chong Institution)

Before I joined Mr Fok's class, my grades were volatile as I did not know the correct technique to answer questions. After joining Mr Fok's class, i learnt the crucial skills needed for me to excel and even learnt multiple ways to answer a certain question. Ultimately, I achieved an A in my 'A' Levels. Mr Fok's lessons were fun and easy to understand. They were fun because he always like joking around and telling funny stories. At the same time, it was easy to understand because he often included real life scenarios and linked different concepts together so that we could see a clearer picture altogether. In essence, I really liked Mr Fok's class and would recommend others to join his class in order to confidently secure an A grade.”

– Clovis Chow (Anderson Junior College)

“Hi Mr Fok! Firstly, thank u for helping me to finally understand economics, I never thought that it would become one of the least dreadful subjects to study for. Thank u for the many additional revision lessons that helped me to review and consolidate my learning for each topic. Your linkages and evaluation notes are lifesavers and I could really use them to push my results further! Also, thanks for being a humorous teacher who shares life stories with us that may give us direction in future. I will work hard ok! Thank you!”

– Shevin (Nanyang Junior College)

“Mr Fok's lessons are very enjoyable due to his happy-go-lucky nature and unique teaching style. Throughout these two years, I've grown fond of the subject thanks to him. The summaries he provides for all chapters are very concise and grasps the main points of each chapter. I like how he compiles many valuable resources that help with our answering techniques. These economic lessons are highly recommended!!”

– Jessica Loh (Anderson Serangoon Junior College)

“Mr Fok is definitely a good economics tutor! He makes economic concepts very easy to understand and always entertains students’ questions during and even after class hours. Furthermore, his lessons are enjoyable and the notes provided are very easy to understand. I highly recommend having Mr Fok as a tutor!”

– Matthew Tan (Yishun Innova Junior College)

“Mr fok is a really friendly and approachable teacher. Despite asking him econs questions late at night, he will still patiently explain to me and even send me notes on that topic. During lessons, mr fok always tries his best to keep us engaged by telling us real life stories which are applicable not only to economics but also to our future. His lessons are very effective as he explains to us the linkages between the different topics, making economics a more comprehensible subject. Mr fok continuously places emphasis on key economics terms, making it easier for us to remember. Thank you Mr Fok for not only teaching me economics, but also valuable life lessons!”

– Rachel Ong (St. Andrew’s Junior College )

“Mr Fok was a brilliant teacher who brought joy and laughter during classes by telling us interesting stories to better illustrate economic concepts. Apart from that, he was also able to explain the most complicated of economic concepts in a simple manner for students of all aptitudes to understand. My jump in grades from a 'U' to an 'A' in A levels are a testament to Mr Fok's competence as a teacher. Not only has Mr Fok been able to raise my grade, he has also perked my interest in economics. Overall, I would highly recommend joining Mr Fok's classes not just to score well, but also to better grasp the concepts in the subject while having fun.”

– Chia Tse En (Hwa Chong Institution)